Who We Are

The Mount Youth Group exists to connect, challenge, and equip students.

• Connect students to the church, and strong relationships.

• Challenge students to take their relationship with God to the next level.

• Equip students to be a positive influence to everyone around them

At The Mount Youth we will continually provide an environment where students can build strong relationships, be challenged by the Word of God, and learn how to better reach their friends.

Core Values:

  1. We believe that Jesus died for every student.
  2. We believe that the Word of God is important.
  3. We believe that prayer and worship are important ways for students to connect with God.
  4. We believe that The Mount Youth should be culturally relevant to our students.
  5. We believe that students should be continually challenged to grow.
  6. We believe that students need to be equipped to reach their friends.
  7. We believe that students should feel accepted and connected at The Mount Youth.
  8. We believe that The Mount Youth should be fun!